Our Mission 

Pennsylvania Cannabis Connection (PACC) is a networking company dedicated to establishing a relationship between the cannabis businesses and the patients involved in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. 

Our foundation stems from the roots of this industry; the patient. At PACC, we are proud to provide a respectable, professional, and educational cannabis community in which the patients, dispensaries, grower/processor facilities, medical professionals and other ancillary businesses can network efficiently.


PACC News Updates and Blog Posts  


We believe that the most important aspect of the PA MMJ Program is the community.  We encourage everyone to communicate and support each other as patients continue to learn more about cannabis medicine.


We believe so strongly in the community that we have created a free app for the community to utilize!


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Click the image below to enter the PA Cannabis Community online forum.  Feel free to tell your cannabis story and ask whatever question that you may have. Encourage others to join this discussion and keep the conversation moving in the right direction. 



Dispensary Locations

Where is the closest dispensary?

As a patient it is important to know where the closest dispensary is located.  It is recommended that you visit a few dispensary locations before deciding which one is right for you.  It is important to find a dispensary with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.  One that will work with you to find the medicine that will bring you relief.  Feel free to leave your dispensary experience and feedback on our online community forum or through our phone app 'PACC Community'.  This feedback will help other patients find the dispensary that is right for them.

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PA MMJ Dispensaries

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program

Information About PA's MMJ Program

What is considered a qualifying condition in Pennsylvania?

How can I become a medical marijuana patient?

How can I become a caregiver for a patient?

What forms of medicine are available?

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