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Welcome to PACC!

We are excited to be able to bring new updates to the Pennsylvania Cannabis Community as progress unfolds! In the next few weeks we will be building out our members only forum. This is a great chance for you all to get involved. There will be opportunity to speak to the experts of the local industry as we connect with them. That's the great thing about this company and this website. You will have access to the connections that we have access to and the connections that you all deserve. Growers will have the chance to network and connect with dispensary owners and vice versa. Don't worry we didn't forget the most important group, the patients! Patients will have the ability to communicate with hard to reach professionals such as dispensary owners, growers, concentrate extraction artists and caregivers! If you want the chance to connect in this ever changing industry and gain an insight on where to find the highest quality medicine now is your chance. Contact us via the email or phone number listed at the top of the website. Have a great day and thank you for your time!

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