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Are You Keeping It 100?

All jokes aside, is your company keeping it 100? 100% compliance with all state regulations and laws is the only way to ensure the success of your business. Longevity is the key to a successful business in any market and cannabis is no exception. As the industry progresses in Pennsylvania many of the dispensaries and grow facilities will be faced with a difficult challenge. Many of you will see the opportunity to make money in ways that is not legal in the eyes of the state. You must resist the urge to make more money by deviating from the right path. One word of advice: DON'T. Remember these 5 key responsibilities and you and your business will continue to operate without issues: 1. Always abide by all state laws

2. Track all products from beginning to end

  • This includes but is not limited to seeds, plants, oil, concentrates, and accessories.

3. Be transparent

  • Being transparent means to be honest, clear and easily understood. Your business should operate the way in which the mission statement describes. This means being honest, open to the public and easily understood by your target audience and any official who may be reviewing the company.

4. Lead with integrity

  • As the owner or leader of a business your employees look up to you in many ways. They see the way you run the business and how you operate day to day and are most likely to mimic your movements. Always keep this in mind when making decisions concerning what is right and what is wrong. If you must question your integrity before making a decision, it is most likely the wrong decision.

5. Never forget who is the most important

  • Do not lose sight of who is most important. That is always the patient. Without the patients in Pennsylvania we would not be able to have a medical marijuana program. Also, remember why we are risking everything, to help these patients live a better quality of life. That means treating your fellow employees with dignity, respect and equality. The environment of your business directly impact your patient's experience. Hold yourself as well as your business to the highest standards possible. This also means the product. Make sure that the medicine being offered to the patient is tested, clean, and if the highest quality, because after all that is what the patients expect and deserve!

Remember all 5 of these key responsibilities and you will be well on your way to bettering the lives of your patients and those involved in the business operations! Stay connected and stay respected! -Devin Owner of PACC

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