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GTI Job Fair

We recently attended a job fair Held by GTI Grows, a company that was awarded a license in Danville, Pennsylvania. The job fair was a great opportunity to meet the GTI team and apply for a job in one of the greatest fields, medical marijuana. The event was packed with an impressive turn out of roughly 500 people. This alone goes to show the support that the community has for this medicine. Honestly, the team of PACC has never been to Danville before and we have lived in Pennsylvania our whole lives. It was inspiring to see the positive impact that this program has on the community of Danville. We are excited to see positive progression in other areas of PA. We will keep you up to date on the progression of the industry. Be sure to keep an eye on our website as well as our other social media focuses. We are in the process of printing clothing and accessories for the supporters of our vision. Much more to come!

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