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Sir Cannabis Apparel

Here at PACC we believe it is important to recognize those individuals and companies that are truly trying to make a positive impact in patients’ lives. We want to recognize Chris and the members of Sir Cannabis Apparel for their efforts.

Sir Cannabis Apparel Founded by Chris Voag, a 24 year old cannabis activist and entrepreneur. The company aims to put an end to negative stereotypes of cannabis consumers and spreads awareness of the benefits associated with medicinal cannabis use through imagery and patient experiences through the Cannabis Warrior of the Week posts.

At the age of 19, Chris was diagnosed with cancer. Through his successful battle he found great relief from the use of cannabis. This experience lead him to a greater understanding and a greater level of empathy for those patients whom have similar stories. This drove him to create the company and clothing brand, Sir Cannabis Apparel as an outlet for said Cannabis Warriors to tell their stories and be heard by their fellow patients.

Sir Cannabis Apparel’s vision is similar to our vision here at Pennsylvania Cannabis Connection. Both companies want to end the negative stereotype behind cannabis consumption and spread the stories of medical marijuana patients to bring awareness to the better quality of life many can accomplish through medicinal cannabis. That is why we have decided to team up and vend at the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival on April 22nd, 2018 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Come support two local companies trying to bring the community together and learn more about what the state’s program has to offer.

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