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Canada Pushes Forward

On June 18th, Canada took a step forward when the Senate passed a bill urging for the nation-wide legalization of recreational cannabis. Bill C-45 passed the senate 52-29. When the bill is approved and formally introduced, adults will be able to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis and share with another person. The bill also notes that citizens will be approved to grow up to four plants in the comfort pf their own homes. The production of edibles has also been permitted for personal use. The minimum age required to obtain cannabis will be set at 18 years old. The distribution or sale to a minor will still be considered an offense. Individual provinces have the right to raise this minimum age as they see fit for their community. Consumers who wish to purchase cannabis will be required to buy it from a licensed retailer that has been regulated by the province in which it is located, much like dispensaries in recreational states throughout the U.S. Stay informed and stay connected!

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