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Voices of the Community

Today September 24th, the PA Cannabis Community joins together to rally and lobby for their rights! Activists from all the NORML parties, the Keystone Cannabis Coalition, TerraVida Holistic Centers and hundreds of members of the community gather in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to make their voices heard. “Tomorrow in Harrisburg we will be lobbying on behalf of cannabis consumer rights in Pennsylvania! We want statewide decriminalization, we want full recreation along with home grow rights, and we want prior marijuana evictions expunged. We know we have an uphill battle but we believe it’s the right thing to fight for. Please join us!”-Pittsburgh Norml posted on Instagram yesterday along with this picture. Theresa Nightingale along with her team, has volunteered to present the PACC petitions to the representatives to demonstrate how many people are in favor of home cultivation and expansion of the program. Thank you to everyone who could make it out to the state capital today to show their support for the movement!

Grow together, stay connected.

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