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CBDepot x PACC Raffle for Danny Lions

The @thecbdepot x PACC raffle for @dannylions is active on our site. We are raffling off a combo pack of products and merch! Raffle tickets will be $5/ticket and all proceeds will be donated to the @dannylions cause! - Head over to our site and to purchase a ticket and get a chance to win this awesome combo pack! Use the promo code “danny” - Combo pack includes: CBD vape pen CBD vape cartridge CBD chocolate CBD gummies CBD lotion PACC dab mat PACC Grow Together shirt PACC gym bag and stickers!

Here is the link to the Go Fund Me page for Danny.

"DANNY’S STORY:My son has been ill for approximately 90% of his life. His illnesses have turned into regressions/episodes that sometimes last 4-6 months where he spirals backwards from the swelling in his brain. In the past 24 years, Danny has endured:-hundreds of doctors/specialists visits, tests and procedures-almost every pharmaceutical and combination thereof (antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, stimulants, SSRI’s, anti-anxiety’s, antibiotics, steroids, etc);-every autism therapy known to man (early start Denver model (ESDM); TEACCH (Schopler/Reichler); applied behavior analysis (ABA) in the form of verbal behavior (VB) and discrete trial training (DTT); natural environment training (NET); picture exchange communication system (PECS Bondy/Frost); floor-time; son-rise program; miller method; pivotal response training (PRT); positive behavior intervention (PBI); relationship developmental intervention (RDI); Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT);etc;-biomedical and holistic protocols (diet - gluten free/casein free/ sugar/die free/ yeast free; ketogenic; omega-3; melatonin; essential oils; -alternative treatments (chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, secretin, weighted blankets/vests, vitamin therapy (super nu thera), dimethylglycine, CBD, cannabis, auditory training,-80 hours/week eclectic approach in-home therapy, -years of professional services: sensory integration therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, music therapy, communication therapy, social skills therapy, feeding therapy, behavioral support, equine therapy; -homeschool: In third grade, Danny came home with marks all over his arms - when asked who hurt him and/or why he didn’t have the communication skills to tell me (so I promised him that he would never have to go back to school until he could tell me)- Danny was homeschooled until the age of 21.

-medical issues: chronic constipation, constant belly pain, gut issues, -severe allergies-debilitating daily migraines-constant sore throats, ear infections, respiratory infections,-sleep disorder-feeding issues-grand mal seizure age16 -fractured tailbone age 16-surgeries: tonsil/adenoid removal, over 25 ear tube surgeries, -procedures: mri/eeg/ekg/cat scan/upper/lower gi/blood work-in constant pain.

Every penny has been spent on therapies, pharmaceuticals, protocols, but Danny didn’t have a fair chance at life because he was misdiagnosed until present at the age of 24. I begged the doctors/hospitals/specialists/therapists for 24 years that there was something more than just his autism diagnosis and I pleaded for them to do more testing to look further. Danny is always in constant pain. Each episode puts him further and further at risk. His body is wearing out. The last episode he lost nearly 80 pounds and couldn’t sleep beyond 1-2 hours per night. Every Emergency room I took him to - gave me a different diagnosis and each one told me to institutionalize him.

Danny is now immunodeficient (his immune system is unable to fight off infection and illness). Not one doctor ever gave me the correct diagnosis of PANDAS or even thought to send me to a doctor that might specialize in PANDAS - in fact - I’ve had every diagnosis under the sun except for the correct one (pandas) until recently."

Read the full story on the Go Fund Me page provided above.

Please donate if possible!

Thank you

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