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Good afternoon PA Cannabis Family!

We are excited to announce that our phone app 'PACC Community' is now available to download on the Apple App store!

We are excited for this app to grow with your help. Download PACC Community today and start sharing your cannabis story. Feel free to create a discussion post, ask questions and spark the conversation on cannabis in PA.

There are many features available for every user to take advantage of and connect with their local cannabis community.

The home page:

Interactive map that opens up the Explore feature-

The explore feature allows businesses to display their location to the community. The business' location pin can be clicked to open up the company profile. We encourage all businesses from personal brands to large scale cultivation and dispensaries to join the network and pin their location.

Below the map is the Community Discussion tab and Dispensary tab

Community Discussion:

The community discussion feature is a thread like discussion board that allows users and businesses to create discussion topics, comment on others' discussions, and stay in touch with the PA MMJ community. This is designed to help business engage their patients and spread important cannabis knowledge such as cannabis basics, terpene profiles, cannabinoids and their potential benefits, and so much more. Feel free to use this space to ask questions, review PA MMJ products, discuss your dispensary experience and discuss anything you feel is important to the PA Canna community.

Dispensary Tab:

The dispensary tab opens the business live feed. This feed is designed to display business' posts and products directly to the users with a single click. Dispensaries can take advantage of this feature by posting current menus, update hours of operation, current available positions, advertise for upcoming events, etc. Do you have a cannabis brand that you want to showcase? Now is the perfect chance to do so.

Other key features:

Profiles & Messaging:

Both users and businesses have the opportunity to create free profiles and connect with each other.

Some profile features for businesses include a bio, location, the ability to link employees accounts to the business, display recent posts, and more.

We encourage everyone to download and use PACC Community to their full advantage. Help us grow this platform into the largest network for PA MMJ!

*Keep in mind that the app is being worked on to enhance its current features to make it even more user friendly and interactive. Stay tuned as we convert this app to android so that no one is left out! The previous development was not as anticipated and there may be some bugs. We are working on it we promise. Stick with us and keep the conversation lit!

To download the app click the link below:

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