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Terpene Tuesday- Pinene

For this #terpenetuesday we are taking a look at Pinene. Pinene also known as a-pinene, is a terpene that is found in pine needles, basil, parsley, and of course, cannabis.  - This specific terpene is found in the well known strain Jack Herer. As many of you know this strain produces an alert effect while providing great relief and that is attributed to its high levels of pinene.  - It is said to promote energy, alertness and boosts creative and positive thoughts. A great terpene to use to combat anxiety and depression symptoms. 

- This terpene is known to be a bronchodilator and is said to relieve the symptoms of asthma and tightness of the airways. Working in conjunction with cannabinoids like THC, creating an entourage effect, pinene is highly used for its medicinal benefits. It is noted over the years that Pinene can be used as an anti-inflammatory, and in some cases even an antibiotic to fight infections. Although it has not been technically proven, pinene is said to assist in combatting tumors. Cannabis is a complex plant that never ceases to amaze me, more and more every day. 

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