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Petition to Help Persuade the DOH to Reconsider Decision on PA Cannabis Festival

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has decided to bar the licensed dispensaries and grower/processors from participating in the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival. This limitation includes sponsorship, vending and attending the festival. This is unjust to the community and the patients of the program. The patients deserve access to information and communication directly to the sources that cultivate, produce and dispense their medicine. The decision does not only impact the community but also impacts the group that is hosting the festival. Excluding the dispensaries and growers has started an outrage amoung the community and patients which may result in less attendees than initially predicted. The festival draws a large crowd upwards of 10,000 people. The notoriety that is generated from the event brings tourism and business to the rest of the city of Scranton and surrounding towns. This petition is in attempt to persuade the Pennsylvania Department of Health to reconsider their decision and allow the licensed dispensaries and cultivators to attend and participate in the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival.

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