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Federal Court Comes To Interesting Verdict

Interesting news regarding the DEA and the federal scheduling of cannabis as a schedule I drug: 

In 2017 a group of patients and cannabis advocates took a daring leap of faith and filed a law suit against the U.S. Justice Department. The lawsuit stated that the current scheduling of cannabis as a schedule I drug, the same classification as drugs like Heroin, poses a serious health risk and an unfair disadvantage to those in states where medical marijuana is not legal. This case was dismissed after the District Court ruled that the group should have taken action through different means. This time around, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, agreed that the first attempt at this route of reform should have been approached differently -but the court also determined that due to the circumstances of this particular case, the DEA should in fact review the current status of marijuana especially for medicinal use. One of the heavily weighing factors in that decision stem from the two patients within the group who took action in this suit. @pacompassionatecaregivers More information available at 

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