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Anxiety & Tourette Syndrome Added to Qualifying Conditions List

As of July 11th the PA Department of Health announced that effective July 20th both Anxiety Disorders and Tourette Syndrome will be added to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. This will allow for many more people in PA to qualify as a patient under the PA MMJ program. While listening to patient feedback on a daily basis it has been eye opening to talk with so many patients who suffer from a form of anxiety. Many patients say that although they have an underlying condition that qualifies them in Pennsylvania, anxiety is one of their symptoms that cannabis has helped them conquer. Whether it be social anxiety, generalized anxiety or a specific type of anxiety disorder; cannabis can help people live a happier and less stressful life. I see it everyday and I’m thankful for these new added conditions! As for Tourette Syndrome, Cannabis can also help relieve many symptoms including controlling the involuntary tics. Patient feedback in other states suggests that a combination of THC and CBD have shown positive results in helping manage the vocal and physical tics that those with Tourette syndrome face on a daily basis. With these new qualifying conditions brings hope and positivity to more people in the state of Pennsylvania!  

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