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Let’s keep making noise PA Cannabis Community! Enough is enough. The PA MMJ program needs to allow for home grow for patients and caregivers. Patients deserve access to clean and affordable medicine. Many patients cannot afford their medicine and for those who can the options are dwindling. Dispensaries across the state are sold out of flower causing patients to drive hours to find dry leaf. Since patients are traveling to other counties to purchase their flower- patients are visiting their home dispensary only to find out that the only strain that works for them has sold out by the time they reached the counter. Although Pennsylvania seems to have strict regulations regarding the testing and requirements to cultivate cannabis in the state, contaminated medicine is still being sold to patients. Last week a batch of flower was circulated among the dispensaries across the state after the producer rushed the process to get the product to market. As a result the flower molded inside the container while on dispensary shelves. This flower was then sold unknowingly contaminated with mold, to hundreds of patients across the state. As of now no repercussions have been taken against this grower/process to ensure this does not happen again. This is not the first time that a PA cultivator has produced less than clean medicine. When will caregivers and patients be able to grow their own clean medicine? When will we all come together to make this happen? Enough is enough. Click the link below to sign the petition: Please share this! 

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