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Back to Basics- Topicals

Happy Tuesday PA Cannabis Community! PACC is back with another Back To Basics post. Are you familiar with topicals? Topicals are great for those suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint & muscle pain or any other chronic pain condition. The most common topical forms of cannabis medicine include lotions, salves and sprays. Other personal care products can be found infused with cannabis or CBD such as bath bombs, essential oils and body butters. 

Topicals are typically applied like a lotion or salve and provide quick localized pain relief. For most patients the effects can be felt within minutes relieving joint pain and inflammation. Some patients report being able to engage in regular activity after using topicals on a consistent basis. The medicine is absorbed into the skin and provides a relief that is similar to other topical medications such as icy hot and lidocaine, but is a more natural product derived from cannabis. Topicals made using full spectrum cannabis products will contain more terpenes and cannabinoids than those that are created with a CBD isolate. These full spectrum products often provide a greater relief. There are a few cons to topical cannabis medicines. They can become expensive to use if needed multiple times a day. It is recommended to use topicals in conjunction with a capsule or a tincture, to obtain a longer duration of relief. This will allow the patient to stretch the topical further and not use as much. As new topicals are developed it has been reported that certain products will in fact penetrate further into the skin and potentially into the bloodstream causing the product to produce a psychoactive effect. Patients should take this into consideration when purchasing topicals. If you are someone who suffers from pain that inhibits your daily activity you should look into cannabis or full spectrum CBD topical options near you. Topicals are being incorporated into conventional therapy options more and more often as cannabis reform spreads. Physical therapy practices, massage therapists and chiropractors have begun introducing cannabis and CBD topicals into their regiments to provide their patients with added relief and an overall better healing experience.  

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