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Asking for a helping hand

For those of you who know me, my brother or my family personally know that we don’t ask for help even when it is desperately needed. Now is a time that I am asking all of you for your help. Even if you cannot spare any money, please send prayers and positivity to my brother, Dominic. He has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. As a family, we never thought this could happen to us, but here we are and we could use your help. Please take a second to click the link in my bio to read his story. We will be setting up ways for you to write him a note or letter showing your support and sending love his way. As a community I know that we are stronger together. We love you, Dom 💚

“On Tuesday, May 18th, Dom was rushed to the emergency room to seek help for the excruciating pains in his back and stomach, which at the time, were assumed to be caused by his positive Covid test earlier that week.

The doctors quickly found out that his hemoglobin was extremely low (4.5 out of 13... a sign of internal bleeding somewhere). As his scans were being processed, he began receiving the first of many blood transfusions. At this time, he was given the news that none of us would ever have expected. Dom has metastatic testicular cancer, which has spread to his stomach and lungs.

Dommy, my 27 year old little brother, has stage 3 cancer. It feels completely unreal that this is happening to him.

For anyone that knows Dom, you'll know he is the most genuine, kind-hearted, hilarious, one in a million guy. He is a lover, a giver, the friend everyone wants to have in their corner. He would never ask for anything from anyone, but he would be the first to offer a helping hand. I want to make sure he can have peace of mind and focus on healing throughout these treatments he is about to go through. If anyone out there can offer my family support through this time, we would be eternally grateful.

And please, please, please

pray and send Dom all of your love and light

Thank you team. We love you”.

*I will be posting updates as we receive them*

Go Fund Me Link

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