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Community Highlight: Juice Joint

Krystal Hamlett and Matthew Lovett launched Juice Joint in September 2019, with 100Mg Full Spectrum CBD blend Fruit Beverages and Teas. Juice Joint hit the ground running fast first exhibiting at NECANN in Atlantic City(September), NECANN in Portland Maine(October), Real Cannaprenur in Newark(November), and Harvest Cup in Massachusetts(November). By traveling and exhibiting at these events Matt and Krystal were able to meet like-minded individuals and expand their network and customer base. Juice Joint is looking to grow with the community and help continue to break barriers in and out of the cannabis industry. Yes, Juice Joint is a black owned business, but Juice Joint proudly serves communities of all backgrounds, cultures, color, and beliefs. Juice Joint stands on fairness and equal opportunity for everyone.  With a variety of flavor options to choose from, everyone can find relief with a CBD infused drink that they will love.  Support local businesses that make a difference.  Show some love and support Juice Joint. 

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