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Let’s Talk RSO & Distillate

RSO vs. Distillate

What is RSO?

RSO, also known as "Rick Simpson Oil", is one of the many forms of Medicinal Cannabis in Pennsylvania. It is a dark colored, concentrated oil with a consistency similar to molasses. It is often created using high proof alcohols or ethanol. Many patients are turning to it to treat the symptoms of cancer, chronic pain, insomnia, and multiple sclerosis, along with many other chronic conditions. As a whole plant extract, it generally contains more beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes than distillate oil. How to consume:

RSO can be used in multiple ways, but the most common is orally. You can accomplish effective dosing using capsules, tinctures, oral syringes or creating edibles. Effects can be felt as soon as 1 hour after consumption but may take up to 3 hours for full effects to be felt. This can be HIGHLY INTOXICATING so if this is your first rodeo, start low and go slow. The recommended starting dose is about the size of a grain of rice; cut in half. (i.e (--)) What is distillate?

Distillate is another form of concentrated Cannabis oil. This oil is produced using different extraction methods than RSO. Using a variety of solvents including butane, CO2, or propane a golden honey-like oil is formed. During the extraction process the cannabinoids and terpenes are stripped away, seperated and reintroduced later in the final stages. This method often yields higher THC concentration, but lower terpene profiles than RSO. This causes a lack of the entourage effect that many patients are seeking for relief of insomnia, chronic pain, spinal injuries and Crohn's symptoms. How to consume:

Just like it's RSO counterpart, distillates can be consumed orally in syringe, capsule, tincture and homemade edible forms. But due to the manner of extraction, it can also be used as a dabable concentrate like shatter or wax. It is also HIGHLY INTOXICATING like RSO, but when used in small amounts micro-dosing is easily accomplished.

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