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The Releaf App & PACC

We are excited to announce that the Releaf App and PACC have decided to collaborate as community partners!

What does this mean exactly?

Releaf app users will now be able to join the PACC group within the Releaf app. By joining our group you will be able to anonymously submit your data and sessions completed within Releaf to provide a better understanding on cannabis medicine for the PA Cannabis Community. This data will help other patients find specific medicine and forms of medicine that work the best for treating their specific condition and symptoms.

Have you ever tried the Releaf App? If not we recommend that you give it a shot. This app is a great resource for patients. You can use Releaf as an electronic medical journal to keep track of the medicines you are using and how each one works for you.

Download the Releaf App today and give it a try for yourself!

Releaf App Website:

To join the PACC group:

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