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Affinity Bio Partners (ABP) is a clinical research organization which works in the medical cannabis and CBD industry to provide the transformational foundation for our clients that leverages our visionary, industry leading, professional staff. ABP prides itself in being a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry. ABP appreciates working with clients that have been in clinical research for decades, as well as newly developed biotechs/nutraceutical companies including dispensaries and medical cannabis physicians.  With our entrepreneurial foundation, our partnered technology platforms, we always are forward thinking, risk anticipation, and always leveraging our ability to effectively navigate in the medical cannabis landscape.  Recently, ABP and their tech partner, HCXP co-developed the first ever AI Medical Cannabis/CBD Bot called the CannaBot.  Please feel free to contact ABP directly at


Affinity Patient Advocacy (non-profit) strives to provide your family with independent, high-quality professional health management services, social services and wellness services. As you already know, serious illnesses can be very overwhelming. Let us manage the process and help you and your family focus on the most important aspect of your treatment, getting better.  Affinity Patient Advocacy’s mission is simple.  We strive to serve patients in their most important time of need. With that said, Affinity Patient Advocacy will become an invaluable resource to our clients. Patients who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses that require a treatment plan will receive comfort of mind in knowing that they have an advocate who will endeavor to remove the medical complexities and allow their family to focus all of their energies on treatments and recovery.   Please feel free to email us at

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Company Description:


     For over 8 years Black Dog LED has been a proud leader in the design and manufacture of innovative high-power and high-yield LED grow lights. The PhytoMAX-2 1000 delivers more light to your plants and higher yields than a 1200W DE HPS! Our grow lights use only the highest-quality LEDs from companies including Cree and Osram, combining the best LEDs from each manufacturer to create our proprietary full-cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®. Including UV and IR, our PhytoMAX-2 lights go

Beyond PAR TM to maximize canopy penetration, yield and quality while providing full, even coverage.  With years of proven results we are the growers' choice for indoor grow lighting, delivering performance, design, and yields unmatched in the industry.


     We are a 100% research-based company, ensuring every grow light we create meets or exceeds expectations and outperforms the competition. We back all our claims with research, spectrometer measurements and grow tests to ensure you receive the high quality yields our customers have come to expect.


Black Dog LED

2805 Wilderness Place Suite 100

Boulder, CO 80301

Canna Care Docs is a caring and compassionate clinical team providing full-service assistance, education and physician evaluations for qualifying medical marijuana patients. Our clinical operations cover eleven different states, with an extensive reach into Canada, and a growing focus on both Delaware and Pennsylvania.


We offer compliant service adhering to the medical frameworks of Delaware and Pennsylvania, helping new and existing patients gain legal access to medical cannabis. Find cannabis specific education and guidance, while connecting with a recommending physician. Discover wellness and find healing with cannabis therapy and Canna Care Docs. 

CannaTexting is a Tier 1 SMS Provider for the Cannabis Industry. CannaTexting offers a mobile marketing and communications platform for Cannabis-related Businesses looking to engage and interact with their audiences via their mobile phone. CannaTexting provides powerful growth tools and marketing solutions to acquire consumers phone numbers. In turn, CannaTexting allows clients to immediately reach their audiences and achieve high return through smart targeting communications and promotions

Flowerpot Garden Supplies

Flowerpot Garden Supplies is located in Beaver county PA just northwest of Pittsburgh. We specialize in hydroponics, aquaponics and indoor garden supplies including lighting, nutrients, fertilizers and soils. We’re here to help you grow. 

No order or question too big or too small and we ship anywhere in the US. 

1224 3rd Ave New Brighton, PA 15056
FB and IG @flowerpotgardensupplies

Green Liberty Media provides professional photography and videography services to the medical cannabis industry throughout Pennsylvania. GLM's goal is to remove the negative stigma surrounding cannabis by highlighting the beauty and benefits of this plant. I hope to make cannabis more approachable to newcomers and qualified patients.

All questions about services, rates, requests, or any other information can be sent to


About: Home Grown in Allentown, Pa. 



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Same Day Delivery Available in Allentown, PA

     My name is Frank and I started Liberty International CBD in early 2014, but my journey with Cannabis and CBD did not start there. I suffer from Lupus SLE, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kidney Disease (Nephritis) and Blindness in my left eye from a stroke. I have done 5 years of chemotherapy and have been on all medications possible. But, in 2007 my father passed from Esophageal Cancer and my mother died in 2008 from issues with a Liver Transplant. I had heard about the use of Cannabis with Chemo patients, even when I was a child, so in 2006 and 2007 I was not surprised to hear recommendations from doctors and nurses telling my father to use Cannabis during his treatments. 

     After they passed I had an opportunity to go out to the West Coast and I did. I lived in 6 areas of California and cultivated and was a caretaker, as well as a patient myself. We grew several strains of Cannabis and produced concentrates and tinctures. I learned much as a Medical Patient about concentrations, strains, extractions and everything else possible during that time. In 2013 I moved to Colorado to be a part of legalization and found Hemp and CBD products coming to a forefront of medical treatments,  


     This is when my company was born. 

     I realized that many people were intimidated by Cannabis and others did not seem to react well.  I realized CBD is a great supplement. Even for people who used THC, CBD seemed to be a great addition into their program. I myself noticed a large difference when I started to add CBD into my daily intakes. From that point, I have moved back to my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I have been working on the East Coast, trying to bring awareness of CBD and the benefits to people. While some issues do need THC, I have seen most conditions greatly improve with the use of CBD. I now work with dozens of companies and carry hundreds of products, from Hemp to CBD products, including Tinctures, Drinks, Rubs, Sprays, Vaporizers and everything in between. I have learned that everyone has a different need and desired application method and this is why I have so much variety and have decided not to create my own line. I believe that every single person and animal can benefit from Hemp and CBD.  That is my goal, to have it available to everything and everyone. I add products constantly and I strive for Quality Assurance. I find high quality products and try to make them as accessible to people as I can. We engage in local events all over the East Coast and help people across the Globe as well. 

     Mission Statement:

     Medicate Me is here to help patients understand their symptoms and treatment plans by showing the effectiveness their medications, along with tracking your wellness and heightening their quality of life. 


     MedicateMe was initially going to be a medical journal application that stemmed from a close friends’ need with tracking medication for their child's autism and epilepsy.  At 20+ medications that needed to be tracked along with dosages that needed to be taken throughout the day it was tedious and laborious.  A few weeks later the family told us that they were approved for a state study of using Medicinal CBD oil.  That’s when we decided we need to make much more than a medication journal. 


    MedicateMe evolved from helping a single-family track medication intake, to helping everyone with a smartphone track their Symptoms, ailments, medications, and wellness.  Users can take their information and talk to their doctors and dispensaries to help create better treatments plans with the insights provided in the Medicate Me application. 


    We want to contribute to the world by creating a tool that empowers users to help take control of their symptoms, ailments, and better their quality of life.

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The Releaf App is a resource that helps medical cannabis patients track their success. This engaging user application allows patients keep track of their medicine and which products work the best for them.  This resource goes into more detail than other electronic patient journals by collecting key information such as the form of MMJ product, method of consumption, 4 symptoms you are currently experiencing, initial session feedback and symptom relief.  By collecting these specific data sets patients are able to understand exactly what works best down to the strain, terpene profile, form of product and consumption method.  This level of understanding will help patients learn as they go and be able to select the appropriate MMJ products. 

RISE  is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. RISE is honored to deliver award-winning, nationally-trusted marijuana services and products to medical marijuana patients in Carlisle and throughout Pennsylvania. Passionate about helping patients access a natural alternative to achieve health and relief, RISE Carlisle dedicates all efforts to allowing patients safe, educational access to the best quality medical cannabis options. 


History: RISE got its start as a team of compassionate people who saw the tremendous healing potential marijuana had to offer suffering patients. Its founders welcomed the opportunity to help patients access the medicine they needed to get by - especially in the face of harmful or addictive opioid treatments. Operating across the country in several medically legal states, RISE is proud to be among the vanguard of medical cannabis dispensaries serving the Pennsylvania patient community. The care specialist team strives to be a valuable addition to the community, and RISE participates in many community events and hosts educational sessions to improve patients’ cannabis knowledge. At RISE, everything centers on improving patients’ lives. A single story of relief makes everything worth it. 


Staff: RISE’s team of care specialists are committed to helping patients access the cannabis care they need. We take the time to welcome new visitors, ensuring they’re comfortable and that we understand their situation. RISE works with each person to find an optimal cannabis solution, tracking visits and what does or doesn’t work. RISE’s staff wants every patient to feel comfortable in their Carlisle dispensary, and their welcoming facility is designed to be open and inviting. Always striving to do right by their guests, RISE Carlisle will take as much time as needed to offer patients a successful treatment and thorough cannabis education. 


Menu: Working with Pennsylvania marijuana providers, RISE aims to provide a robust and reasonably priced cannabis selection to their dispensary customers. They carry concentrates, cartridges, disposables, tinctures and pills, with plans to expand their marijuana range as the Pennsylvania cannabis market grows. RISE’s goal is to partner with as many vendors as possible and refine their product offerings to meet the specific needs of their cannabis patients. All products are lab tested for purity before landing on RISE Carlisle's shelves. 


Curious patients can connect with RISE on Facebook, Weedmaps, Twitter, Instagram or e-mail. Both walk-ins and scheduled appointments are welcome, and RISE Carlisle has plenty of ADA compliant parking. Service Locations: Carlisle patients can find Rise between Charles Street and Media Road. We welcome Pennsylvania marijuana patients from Carlisle, Plainfield, Caprivi, Schlusser, Middlesex, New Kingstown, Mechanicsburg, Boiling Springs, Mt Holly Springs and beyond. All medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania are welcome at their facility.

Robert "Cozmo" Consulmagno


To serve others as mental health advocates who encourage, equip and empower people to live healthy and successful lives.


Objective 1:

Break the stigma of post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder through awareness, education and empowerment


Objective 2:

Strategically provide resources and time to promote and support overall mental wellness.

Objective 3:

Generate support, partners, affiliates and resources with mutually aligned core values.

5 Core Values:

Be authentic, relevant, enjoyable, accepting and powerful.

Our core values are the key foundation of who we are.  We believe that if we hold true to these values and align ourselves with the right relationships, the right things will happen.  Our purpose is to serve others as they are the core system in which we base all of our decisions so long as they are also in alignment with our objectives.

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Solevo Wellness is Western PA’s premier medical marijuana dispensary. At Solevo, they are dedicated to helping patients feel their best while providing valuable education about their medication.

TerraVida Holistic Centers

Founding and Background Story:

     In 2016, when Governor Wolf signed Act 16 into law, Chris Visco and her business partner, Adina Birnbaum, started thinking about joining forces once again. Having worked side by side within their own communities for years, they felt they would make a great team as dispensary owners, sharing the same values and passion for patient care and home grown community involvement.

TerraVida’s President, Christina (Chris) Visco was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania where she has lived for 45 years.  She is married with three children, Tanner 19, Molly, 15 and Darby 14. Both of Chris’ mentors, her grandmother and uncle suffered long, painful battles with cancer. Each withering away and suffering through pain for long periods of time.  When medical marijuana began to surface in the United States as a holistic means to lessen pain, and increase appetites of cancer patients, Chris’ interest in the industry grew.  

     Adina is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania.  Adina and her husband, Valentin Gorski live in Springfield Township, Montgomery County and have two children, Sasha 21, and Evan 18.

Adina’s first experience with the benefits of medical marijuana was with her friend and neighbor.  Five years ago, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and passed away within a year of being diagnosed.  One of the few things that helped with with the pain and the nausea associated with the treatment he did in the beginning stages of his diagnosis was marijuana.  Caring for her neighbor, along with his wife, was a labor of love. He taught Adina how to deal with illness and all about dignity and compassion. He was grateful that he had access to marijuana, and Adina couldn’t imagine how someone with his level of pain could be denied this access.  When Adina learned that medical marijuana was being legalized, she knew that it was something that she wanted to explore.

     TerraVida Holistic Centers has created a unique atmosphere with the most compassionate, patient focused professionals who are here to make you feel at home, answer your questions and provide you with the highest quality medical marijuana products in Pennsylvania.



US Cannalytics

PA Cannabis & Hemp Testing Lab

US Cannalytics is dedicated to ensuring a safe supply of medication for medical cannabis patients in the state of Pennsylvania. Our facilities employ the most sensitive and high-tech methods available, giving our reports a level of accuracy and specificity unsurpassed in the industry.